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  • Why MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database today Packt Hub

    Mastering MongoDB 3.x focuses on these common pain points of the database administrators and shows them how to build robust, scalable database solutions with ease. We back our MongoDB offerings with Percona Support, Managed Services, and Consulting. what is MongoDB We’ll provide support that best fits the needs of your company or organization — without […]

  • Creating and Running Tests with Xamarin Test Cloud SpringerLink

    Here are some of the critical controls that help to create the user interface of Xamarin.Forms application. The awesome things about these tests is that it can compare values like these and check if an error snuck in there, but it also checks for usability. For instance, one time when I created a test and […]

  • Custom Web Development Services Company in US

    If you do not require something sophisticated and want to build a template website, you can use any web builder or CMS to make your idea come alive. In this case, the budget of a few hundred dollars is enough to get the project off the ground at the very beginning. Although we do not […]

  • Beginners Guide: What Is Python And What Is It Used For?

    Popular games written in Python include The Sims 4, World of Tanks, EVE Online, and Civilization IV. To download the latest version of Python, simply access the official Python website, click Downloads on the navigation bar, and hit the Download Python button. The default version is for Windows, but Python is also available for other […]

  • Globally-recognized Enterprise Software Development Company

    The resulting mobile solution was given the name Forecasts in Focus — and designed to deliver value at each end. The iconic motorcycle brand finds a fresh way to engage its fans while on the road by creating a mobile app that allows exhibition staff to sign prospective clients. We created a comprehensive mobile email […]

  • How to empower your team at every stage of development

    Then, the teams need to come up with a wonderful plan that fits their budget. This is one of the interesting activities to strengthen the bond between colleagues. In this activity, each person needs to discuss a bad experience that they had in their personal life or at work. Then, the teammates should analyze the […]

  • Natural Language Processing In Education

    Teachers will then receive essays that are better developed, especially at lower levels of text features allowing them to focus on elements of writing that are more difficult to assess through computational algorithms, including argumentation, style, and organization. Multiple sets of text will be fed to computers and process the sets using text analyzer algorithms […]