The Engineering Method

The engineering process is known as a method technicians use to approach and solve style challenges. This involves six steps: consult, imagine, prepare, create, test, and evaluate. Click on portions of the picture to learn more about each step.

Through the Ask stage, students come up with ideas ideas to resolve the problem. Making use of the data they may have collected, they decide which idea appears to be it will work best. They may have to continue this step many times before locating a solution that actually works.

Once they have got a few ideas, engineers begin to reduce the possibilities by looking in requirements, limitations, and outside study. This is when they may find out as to why some of their ideas won’t operate and can reduce the options to one great design.

After building a model or prototype, technical engineers will manage tests to discover how well their designs work. If they are not satisfied considering the results, they will help to make changes in previously steps of the process to improve the design.

Engineers also look at the cost of components and try to decrease expenses by simply designing fewer parts, streamlining a part to eliminate manufacturing costs, or by reducing extra operations (welding vs . riveting). They will also decrease the amount of time and energy an item takes to assemble by redecorating assembly processes.