With the , Jason advertised he had been attacked within his family and robbed

With the , Jason advertised he had been attacked within his family and robbed

[23] Three someone, putting on ski goggles, barged toward their house and savagely overcome your, prior to robbing your regarding $1,two hundred Givenchy alligator sneakers. It broke due to their home as he try modifying videos, and you can attacked him, in addition to holding a knife towards the him and you will demanding to help you learn in which his money and you can Rolex were. Jason received of numerous bruises and you may a black-eye throughout the violence, plus a great gash on the their head. Immediately after attacking him, the theft chained Jason upwards within his cellar and you may ready to kill him that have an excellent sledgehammer. Although not, Jason were able to eliminate by taking their pants from (that your stores have been connected to) and escape out of the basement’s window. Into the , a video was launched in which Jason, now inside the a condo, gives in-depth home elevators the theft, since the police began conducting their study. Regarding the films, he claims this of the attackers got become detained and set in the prison, and sharing his plans to move from his domestic. [24]

But not, penguinz0 made a reaction to Jason’s clips stating that it had been scripted and you will phony to achieve notice [25] . Charlie offers Jason exhibiting and you may sharing in which he was put and you can that was utilized whenever Jason try robbed. Charlie answered saying that the house one Jason was a student in whenever he was revealing the news headlines, might be finalized to own investigation of one’s theft, and you can would not http://datingranking.net/pl/jdate-recenzja/ score an opportunity to instantaneously demonstrate how it happened inside the house. Likewise, Charlie says just how Jason is picking right up firearms the new robbers put but would-be confiscated from the checking getting fingerprints alongside the sledgehammer. There was and additionally zero proof of real injury out of this «robbery».

Charlie states exactly how Jason was at the latest basement chained up. Jason advertised only his pants were chained up. Therefore he would slide off the jeans, upcoming get off as a consequence of a basement window in place of their pants (regardless if, that have boxers into). Charlie along with concerns why the three robbers ran upstairs maybe not supervising if they were not browsing discount anything. Charlie together with mentions the robbers was in fact giving a fair caution so you’re able to Jason, but he had been going to get murdered regardless.

Jason got made an effort to encourage folks that he try robbed from the trying select in which he was «hit», envision it looks such as for instance zero scratch scratching was basically found. (Very true, however, once the he is blocked there’s absolutely no video bring so you’re able to it any more. Disappointed males if you don’t believe so it area.)

Considering Jason’s articles is bogus clickbait, most people/people do not trust his story as well as the very-named theft is no question bogus.


To the , Jason was detained for faking their girlfriend’s demise as well as assault with a gun. It is very well worth proclaiming that Marano and you can Jason features as split up due to the hoax and exactly how she don’t want to sign up it. Jason’s courtroom trial occurred for the .


More or less each week immediately following Jason revealed his hiatus, YouTube technically suspended monetization towards Jason’s chief route; the explanation for which, although not, wasn’t on account of Jason’s past steps otherwise faking the brand new passing away from his wife, this is due to his stop with the February third on charge away from physical violence and you may assault that have a weapon. [26]


Into , each of their channels was in fact ended to own violating YouTube’s regards to services regarding their «taking right back spouse» films. [27] [28] [29]

Come back

To Slide 2021, Jason first started asking YouTube to displace his channel. To your Sep sixteen he tweeted «Simply talked to Dr Phil! The guy said he could assist me go back to youtube when the I really don’t result in the same type of videos once i did ahead of! I do want to create household restoration films now. I won’t disappoint Dr Phil thanks.» followed by some other tweet that being said «I am going to let you know what takes place but men I am hoping you are sure that I can not result in the same stuff any more. I must say i want to make domestic re also only grateful to obtain various other options. Dr. Phil told you he will place myself touching YouTube execs. Hope personally men.» Earlier for the July, he previously released a video proclaiming that he was another type of individual along with changed [30] .